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Get an A3 printer or copier that’s made to last

When it comes to A3 photocopiers and A3 printers, you want to know two things. One, that your new system is good value for money. And, two, that it’s going to deliver years of reliable performance.

That’s where, at Copysonic, we can help. We’re your A3 printing and copying specialists. Our expert team can help you to find a new system that won’t break the bank. And that will be tough enough to provide years of reliable performance.

We have new and used A3 printers and A3 photocopiers. Both from leading brands. Both with the latest and greatest features. Whether for occasional, everyday, or heavy use, we’ve got a printer or copier to match your needs and budget.

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More features. Lower running costs. Guaranteed.

Print A3 directly from your smartphone or tablet device. Print A3 double sided. Enjoy the convenience of a separate A3 paper tray. Or the simplicity of modern network printing. You can do all this and much more with the latest A3 printers and A3 photocopiers.

Not only this, but new printers and copiers are regularly cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain. The newest technologies reduce inefficiencies and maximise performance. That means fewer wasted materials, more economical operation, and ultimately lower running costs.

Ask us about getting the best value from your A3 printers or A3 photocopiers. Initially cheaper systems can seem very appealing until you discover that running costs can be as much as 10 x that of comparable systems. Don’t get caught out. Avoid ‘cheap’ printers. Go for long-term value.

All of our new and used A3 systems are backed by a 12 month warranty.

Rent or lease your new A3 printer or A3 photocopier

Need a new A3 printer or A3 photocopier? But don’t have the cash upfront? No problem!

All of our A3 printers and A3 photocopiers are available for rent or lease. We simply replace the upfront costs with manageable monthly repayments. It’s that easy.

In many cases, rental costs are 100% tax deductible. While the depreciation and interest on leased systems is also often tax deductible. For specific tax implications, speak with a tax professional.

On a very tight budget? Lower cost but still reliable used systems are available for rent or lease, too.

Low cost but reliable used A3 printers and copiers

Secondhand doesn’t have to mean lower quality. At Copysonic, we have a full range of used A3 printers and A3 photocopiers, which are just as powerful and reliable as many new systems on the market.

All of our used systems are refurbished by our expert technicians, and they won’t put a machine on sale unless they’re 100% satisfied with its performance. That’s why, when it comes to our refurbished models, the only difference many customers notice is the lower price-tag.

All used printers and copiers feature the same 12 month warranty – the same as new systems.

Why choose Copysonic

At Copysonic, we are Australia’s A3 printing and copying specialists. Our expert team can advise you on the best systems for your needs. As well as how to get the best value from your investment.

We stock all of the leading brands. Including Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, Xerox, Brother, and more. And, we don’t just supply your new system. We also deliver it. Install it. And service it. We do it all.

Our technicians know A3 printers and A3 photocopiers inside and out. They can answer any queries you may have and will always be happy to help with specialist advice and after-sales support.

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