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How we approach printer and photocopier hire in education

At Copysonic, we know how important instant and reliable printing and photocopying is for your students, teaching staff, and administration. When you’re responsible for delivering the highest-quality education experience, you need fast, flawless, and dependable printing. Our printer and photocopier solutions help your school or university deliver an excellent educational experience.

Ensure your cohort achieves their academic goals by providing them with the right educational materials.
Quickly print high-volumes of tests, lecture notes, and handouts.
Produce engaging learning materials with colour printing.
Provide easy-to-use printers and photocopiers for the entire cohort.

Ready to find a solution? Talk to an expert at Copysonic and find the best printer and photocopier solution for your school, university, college, or tafe.

What can we help you with?


Our newest models are stacked with economic and time-saving features including wireless connectivity and cloud printing.

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Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer needs to be as versatile as your business. We'll match you to the perfect machine for your workplace.

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Photocopier rentals

We offer flexible copier lease agreements that can be changed to suit your office's needs. A lease can be extended from one to five years.

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Photocopier repairs & servicing

Our repair technicians answer calls from all over the Melbourne metro area. A repair service can take as little as one hour to complete.

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Our specialists will provide you with a printer and photocopier recommendation, complete with a detailed list of costs that fit within your budget.


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With your chosen printer and copier solution, our technicians will deliver and install your devices and test that they are all functioning correctly.


Ready to go

After the walk-through and handover, your facility is ready to produce all the educational materials you require.

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The right educational materials are the foundation of better learning outcomes. Our expert team is ready to help you find the best printing solution. Call us now on 0395440944.

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