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How our range of printers and photocopiers can help your financial business

At Copysonic, we understand just how important quality, prompt printing is for people working in real estate. When you have high valued assets and contracts on the line, you want to be able to produce documentation in moments. Our printing solutions will ensure that you are always at the top of your game.

Convert paper documents into digital formats and mobile solutions with a multifunction printer
Choose from a range of printers and photocopiers which will integrate easily within your company's infrastructure
Affordable colour printing and flexible installation options to suit all kinds of budgets
Enjoy smart connectivity and storage with cloud-based printing solutions

Ready to maximise your business's productivity? Talk to our expert technicians to find the ideal printing solution for your accounting or financial business.

What does your office need?


Our newest models are stacked with economic and time-saving features including wireless connectivity and cloud printing.

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Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer needs to be as versatile as your business. We'll match you to the perfect machine for your workplace.

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Photocopier rentals

We offer flexible copier lease agreements that can be changed to suit your office's needs. A lease can be extended from one to five years.

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Photocopier repairs & servicing

Our repair technicians answer calls from all over the Melbourne metro area. A repair service can take as little as one hour to complete.

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The buying process


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Once you've chosen your ideal printer or copier, our technicians will deliver and install your devices, and test them to make sure they work.



We'll explain how to use your machine, what to do if you encounter a problem, and how often the device will need to be serviced.

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When you have the right printer for your office's output requirements, you'll heighten your team's productivity. Our technicians are on standby to help you find the best printing solution. Call now.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know which printer or photocopier is going to be the best fit for my accounting firm?

Is there a difference in quality between a new or used photocopier?

Do you repair any photocopier brand or model?