Printers for small businesses

Efficient and cost-effective printing solutions to suit your small business

Save on downtime with high page-per-minute print rates
Flexible lease agreements so you can upgrade your printing solutions as your small business evolves
Post-sale support and maintenance

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Our approach to printing solutions for small businesses

Small businesses need high quality printers and copiers that can be relied on. That's why we provide devices with intelligent network connectivity, fast printing times, and multifunctional uses like scanning and copying. At Copysonic, we only sell and rent the most respected brands in the industry, and every one of our models comes with a warranty and optional service agreement.

Fast printing for high volumes of day-to-day documents and files
High resolution colour for company brochures and marketing materials
Minimise downtime with one printing solution for all printing, scanning, and copying needs
Save money with economical print settings

If you don't know where to start, contact our technical consultants. We'll help you find the right printing solution for your small business.

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Our newest models are stacked with economic and time-saving features including wireless connectivity and cloud printing.

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Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer needs to be as versatile as your business. We'll match you to the perfect machine for your workplace.

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Photocopier rentals

We offer flexible copier lease agreements that can be changed to suit your office's needs. A lease can be extended from one to five years.

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Photocopier repairs & servicing

Our repair technicians answer calls from all over the Melbourne metro area. A repair service can take as little as one hour to complete.

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Get expert advice from an authorised dealer

The buying process


Contact us

Find the perfect printing solution for your growing business by calling our technical experts on 1300 159 792.


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We'll send you a detailed quote with every cost outlined so there are no unexpected financial surprises.


Delivery and installation

Our technical consultants will deliver your printing solution to your small business and make sure it's installed correctly.


Post-sales services

After we've run you through the set up of your new print and copier, our team is always available to answer any questions or schedule routine services for your device.

Get a free quote

Receive an accurate estimate of how much a new or used printing solution will cost by speaking to an expert on 1300 159 792.

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