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Our technicians have the requisite experience to help you choose the right 30 ppm printer for your needs.

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Improve productivity with 30 ppm printers

The latest technology

We can supply printers that provide 30 printed pages per minute (or even more), for the most affordable price possible.

Ease of installation

We'll install your printer for you, delivering and setting up your system on the same business day.

Sensational service

We will supply same day service from our great technicians on the same day that we receive your call.

Experts in the industry

Need high resolution printing, or need us to work to a set price point? Just ask and our experts will take care of everything.

Our 30 ppm printer brands

We sell a wide assortment of printers, but stock only the best and most respected brands. We can provide quality new and used devices, and affordable servicing, with a model capable of printing pages at the speed you require.

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A 30 ppm printer that suits the needs of your business

Waiting on an outdated printer to finish printing can be annoying and inefficient for your business. Meetings are held up, clients are kept waiting, and a host of other issues are encountered simply because the office's printer's aren't suitably efficient.

At Copysonic, we specialise in providing printing solutions for all different sorts of businesses. Talk to us about your needs, and we'll be able to recommend an efficient and affordable printer that matches your circumstances.

Every team member at Copysonic has worked as a repair technician, so they know the technology inside and out. Whether you need a printer that can produce 30 printed pages for minute, or something even faster, you'll find that everybody on our team is happy to help.

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Our buying process


Get in touch

Contact our team, and talk about your businesses needs and budget. We'll find a range of options, and help you select the perfect 30 ppm printer for your business. We can also come in and meet in person, to show you the best way to use and maintain the printers.


A free quote

We'll supply quotes for the 30 ppm printers we think will work best at your business. We can also include flexible payment plans, for those on a limited budget.


Printer purchase

Once we've collaborated and decided on a solution, we'll find a time that works for you for printer delivery and installation.


Installing your 30 ppm printer

We'll deliver and install your 30 ppm printing solution, and that's not all. We can also integrate the printer with your network, test the printer, and follow up in the unlikely event that you find there are any issues.


Walking through the technology

With a team of expert technicians on hand, you'll get a personalised overview of your new printing machine. You can ask any questions you like about how the technology works, and we'll ensure you're confident moving forwards.

What our customers are saying

As our business grew from personal office printers on desks, we needed a photocopier solution for our printing and scanning needs. Lambros and his team provided excellent service and were onsite very quickly in the event of a service call. We found Copysonic attentive, pleasant and more than 50 per cent cheaper than dealing directly with manufacturers.

Robert Dalessandro

Digital360 have used Copysonic for over 3 years and they have provided great service. Our previous supplier (a major manufacturer) took days to attend to a service call which kept us offline and was very frustrating. Copysonic have been excellent and we will continue to use them in the future for our needs.

Glen Allpress


What is a 30 ppm printer?

30 ppm is a classification of printer speed. If a printer is 30 ppm, that means it is capable of printing 30 pages per minute. This might refer to the speed at which a printer prints black and white, or colour, or both.

How fast is the printer that I currently have?

Let us know the current model of your printer, and we can tell you how many pages per minute it should be capable of printing. If you're having trouble with the slowness of your current printer, tell us about your printing needs and we'll find a device with a higher ppm that will suit your needs.

What is the best 30 ppm printer for small business?

Different 30 ppm printers have different abilities and functions. Some are for affordable than others, and there are certain features which are not common to all printers in the 30 ppm category. Tell us about your businesses needs —e.g. your budget, the amount of printing you do, the nature of the printing — and we'll be able to recommend the right 30 ppm printer.

Do you offer flexible payment options?

We can facilitate alternative and flexible payment plans for new and used machines. When you've decided which printer is right for you, we can provide a detailed quote including flexible payment options for your 30 ppm printer.

Reach out to our team

Have any questions about 30 ppm printers? Talk to our friendly team to get answers.

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