70 PPM Color Printers

Get a 70 ppm printer for documents on the go

A 70 ppm printer is the perfect choice for a busy small business or home office. Speak to our experienced team about finding the perfect 70 ppm printer for you.

Do you need a 70 ppm Laser Printer?

At Copysonic, we are home to the finest range of printers from leading brands. Our printers are built to offer the perfect print and make tasks simpler for you. If you are planning to invest in a 70 ppm printer, explore the options that we have here. We are confident that you will come across something that best works for you and suits your budget.

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Affordably Priced Printers In Melbourne

We are committed to offering printers designed to offer consistent results and equipped with the latest features. No matter what your budget is, we have a huge range to choose from. Our printers make a great addition and you can conveniently print both text and images. While we assure you that you will get the best printing solutions here, you will discover competitively priced printers. We have printers with different print speeds and our 70 ppm colour printers make a wonderful option for various tasks.

Are you keen to work Faster and get Superior Quality Results every time?

Check out the printers that we have here for you. We take immense pride in offering the best printers from renowned brands. We want to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions and with our range, you can maximise your printing capability. Our range is built to deliver sharp results and is equipped with the latest features. We have robust printers in different sizes and capacities suitable for any professional environment. We understand that choosing the right printer can be confusing and if you would like to understand more about the features of our printers, feel free to reach out to us. We have a friendly team and will be happy to help you.

Find the right 70 ppm printers

Get in touch with our team and find out about the best 70 ppm printer for your needs today.

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Enhanced convenience with 70 ppm printers

High-quality printers

With our exceptional 70 ppm printers, you will enjoy speed, performance, and incredible quality printing every time.

Simple installations

With our easy same-day installation you will enjoy your printer ready for use on the same say we deliver it. You can rest assured of convenience with Copysonic.

Friendly technical support

Got a printer problem? It happens from time to time, especially in a busy environment. Our friendly printer technicians will be out to see you with same day service to ensure you're never offline for long.

Professional and experienced service

Our team are dedicated to all things printing which means you'll benefit from our experience. We pride ourselves on top quality advice and service from start to finish.

Our 70 ppm printer brands

There are lots of different brands that produce 70 ppm printers, but at Copysonic we prefer to work with reputable brands we can trust. We have established lasting relationships with quality suppliers and want to pass this value on to you, so that you can benefit from our experience.

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70 ppm printers that will make big printing jobs a breeze

A 70 ppm printer is capable of printing 70 pages per minute. That's more than 1 page every second, so a 70 ppm printer is going to make short work of even the biggest printing jobs.  

At Copysonic we aren't interested in trying to upsell the biggest possible printer to you – instead, we take the time to talk to you about what kind of printing jobs you usually have, and why you're looking for a new printer. Whether you have been having technical issues or are simply looking to upgrade, you can be sure that we will find the perfect 70 ppm printer for your needs.

We stock a range of high quality and trusted brands from leading printer manufacturers and can find you the right printer for your office. Our friendly team will help you work out what will best suit your office.

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Our buying process


Get in contact

Get in touch. We will have a chat and figure out what your business' needs are and work out what you might be after. We can meet in person or over the phone – whatever works best for you.


Get a quote

Once we have an idea of what you might be looking for, we can send you a few options in a quote and see how this suits your budget and business needs. We can even arrange a flexible payment plan if that matches your financial requirements better.


Printer purchase

Once you have chosen the 70 ppm printer that works for you, we'll take payment and arrange for delivery.


Installation and setup of your 70 ppm printer

Delivery day! We'll come in and set it all up, getting you ready to start printing straight away.


Walk-through and handover

Our experts will talk you through your new printer, including any troubleshooting tips or ideas on how to get the most from your new printer.

What our customers are saying

As our business grew from personal office printers on desks, we needed a photocopier solution for our printing and scanning needs. Lambros and his team provided excellent service and were onsite very quickly in the event of a service call. We found Copysonic attentive, pleasant and more than 50 per cent cheaper than dealing directly with manufacturers.

Robert Dalessandro

Digital360 have used Copysonic for over 3 years and they have provided great service. Our previous supplier (a major manufacturer) took days to attend to a service call which kept us offline and was very frustrating. Copysonic have been excellent and we will continue to use them in the future for our needs.

Glen Allpress


What is the best 70 ppm printer for my business?

We stock a whole range of 70 ppm printers, including leading brands. We don't just recommend one particular type or another, we prefer to tailor our advice. So why not give us a call and chat to our team about what your business needs?

Should I get a faster printer?

You can choose to invest in the fastest possible printer money can buy, if you like, but your business may not actually need this kind of technology. A super-fast printer is absolutely necessary in a high turnover business like a law firm or insurance company, but a small business can absolutely benefit from a 70 ppm printer.

Is it worth it getting a 70 ppm printer?

Any investment in your business requires careful scrutiny to ensure you're capitalising on your investment. If you know you require a 70 page document to print in one minute, then you will benefit from a 70 ppm printer. It's that simple.

What does 70 ppm printer mean?

70 ppm means that this printer is capable of printing 70 pages per minute.

Contact our team

Get in touch with our team and find out about the best 70 ppm printer for your needs today.

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