Colour Laser Printers

Colour laser printers for stunning quality printing every time

Colour laser printers offer exceptional quality printing with the push of a button.

Want to upgrade your Printing Setup and need the best Colour Laser Printer?

At Copysonic, we understand the importance of a quality printer for your business and have an extensive range from leading brands. We have printers built to support different types of printing requirements and offer exceptional results.

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At our store, you will come across incredibly reliable colour laser printers in Melbourne with different printing capabilities. Our printers offer crisp and vibrant results and you will be impressed with the clarity of the print. Check out our range today to maintain a smooth workflow and boost the image of your business.

Colour Laser Printers For Sale

If you have been looking for a colour laser printer for sale, you have come to the right place. While we bring you superior printing solutions, our printers are priced competitively. We have printers to suit every budget and printing requirement while offering high-quality results. If your business requires an in-house printing solution, you will find the right colour printer here.

Printers Designed For A Powerful Performance

There are different types of printers, each with a specific feature. Whether you are looking for a compact printer or one with high speed, you are sure to find the right option here. We understand that given the wide choices, finding the right printer can be confusing. We wish to make your buying experience a smooth one and are here to answer any questions that you may have. We want to offer unmatched customer service and have succeeded in providing reliable printing solutions in Melbourne. Call us today to find out more.

Find the right colour laser printers

Speak to our friendly team today and find out what colour laser printer will work best for you.

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Vivid colour and high-quality printing with colour laser printers

Stunning colour printing

When you need your printing to showcase design, colour, or branding choose a laser colour printer for maximum impact.

Easy installation

Don't wait for weeks for your new colour laser printer to arrive — buy from us and enjoy installation of your printer on the same day we deliver it in person.

Quality technical support

Ensure you are never offline for long with friendly and professional technical support from our experienced printer servicepeople.

Dedicated service with a smile

You can be sure of helpful advice, friendly service and commitment to your ultimate satisfaction when you purchase your colour laser printer with us at Copysonic.

Laser colour printers for sharp high-quality printing every time

We choose to work only with brands that supply the highest quality colour laser printers. This means that you can be assured that no matter what type of colour laser printer you purchase, it is tried and tested by us here at Copysonic.

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Colour laser printers that meet your business needs

When you need exceptional quality colour laser printing, and you need it now, make sure you have a high-quality colour laser printer in your office ready to get the work done.

At Copysonic we pride ourselves on providing realistic advice to our customers and take the time to understand your business' requirements. That way you end up with a printer that you want, and a product that you love.

Our team at Copysonic have all worked as printer repair technicians which means that not only can we advise you on the best printer for your needs, we can also help you out if you ever have any printing issues.

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Our buying process


Get in contact

Call us or send us a message online. We will arrange a time to catch up over the phone or in-person so that we can begin to get an idea of what type of laser colour printer suits you best.


Get a quote

Once we know what type of printer you are looking for we will bring together some options and deliver a quote to you via email. Take a look and see what stands out and then take your pick of a range of high-quality brands.


Printer purchase

Picked the perfect colour laser printer? Great! Let us know and we will start to arrange delivery. We can also arrange for rental or a payment plan if that suits your financial circumstances better.


Installation and setup of your laser colour printer

We will come in and set up your new printer for you, ensuring that it works perfectly so you can start using your new printer straight away.


Walk-through and handover

Our experts will take you through the ins and outs of your new printer so that you know exactly how to get the best out of it.

What our customers are saying

As our business grew from personal office printers on desks, we needed a photocopier solution for our printing and scanning needs. Lambros and his team provided excellent service and were onsite very quickly in the event of a service call. We found Copysonic attentive, pleasant and more than 50 per cent cheaper than dealing directly with manufacturers.

Robert Dalessandro

Digital360 have used Copysonic for over 3 years and they have provided great service. Our previous supplier (a major manufacturer) took days to attend to a service call which kept us offline and was very frustrating. Copysonic have been excellent and we will continue to use them in the future for our needs.

Glen Allpress


What is the best colour laser printer for me?

We stock a wide range of colour laser printer brands and would love to discuss your printing needs with you. Different printers suit different businesses, and we suggest printers based on your needs –so it's best to give us a call and have a chat about what you are after so we can go from there.

Should I get a big printer?

You can choose to invest a large printer for your office, but the truth if that if you don't need it, that investment is simply sitting there not being maximised. We will be able to go through your printing needs and recommend the most economically suitable option for your business.

Is it worth it getting a colour laser printer?

If you are a business that requires high-quality colour printing in a short time, then yes! Laser printing is a great option if you are a business that prints quotes, leaflets, or other instant material that works best in colour.

What does laser printing mean?

Laser printing is a form of printing whereby the printer 'melts' toner powder onto a page to create an image. This is compared to inkjet printing where colour is sprayed onto a page. Laser printing allows for a fine standard of definition and it definitely a great choice when you need high-quality printing.

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Speak to our friendly team today and find out what colour laser printer will work best for you.

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