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A3 photocopiers

A3 photocopiers that integrate seamlessly with your office

Need help finding a new A3 photocopier for your office? Call the Copysonic team for expert advice.

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A3 photocopiers that improve your workflow

Modern integration features

Modern integration features

Our diverse range of printers are loaded with features that integrate seamlessly with your office. Enjoy modern office features from cloud connectivity and to economic print settings.

Easy installation

Easy installation

We guarantee delivery and installation with any purchase from our range of A3 photocopiers. Our technicians will make sure your new model is fully integrated with your office's network.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Our high level of service doesn't have to end after you've purchased or leased one of our A3 photocopiers. Maintenance checks and toner refills can be included with one of our service agreements.

25+ years of industry excellence

25+ years of industry excellence

Since 1992, we've helped hundreds of clients find the right A3 printer for their office. Our team has the professional insight to offer your a great model and service agreement that benefits you.

Our brands

We've established great working relationships with some of the best names in A3 multifunction printers. It's why we're able to provide you with great value on new machine purchases and service agreements.

We offer the following range of A3 photocopier brands:

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Lease or buy?

We're dedicated to finding a solution that works within your budget and performance expectations. We understand not every client is the same.

We offer customised finance options to work within your budget expectations. Flexible lease and purchase options are available with all our A3 multifunction printers.

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We'll find an A3 photocopier that meets your budget and performance expectations.

Our buying process


Talk to us

Contact us to start the discussion about what type of A3 printers may be suitable for your office. We can arrange a face-to-face meeting to get the best solution for you.


Get a quote

We'll provide a few quotes on A3 photocopier models that we think are the right fit for you. We include flexible payment options to suit your office's budget.


Purchasing your photocopier

Choose your preferred model and payment option. We'll confirm availability of stock and book an appropriate date to deliver your new A3 photocopier.


Installing your new photocopier

Our technicians will deliver and install your new A3 Photocopier. Your model will be integrated with the office network and tested before a handover is done.


Final handover and walk-through

Our technicians will walk you through the photocopier's basic functions before a final handover. And you're ready to go!

What our customers are saying

As our business grew from personal office printers on desks, we needed a photocopier solution for our printing and scanning needs. Lambros and his team provided excellent service and were onsite very quickly in the event of a service call. We found Copysonic attentive, pleasant and more than 50 per cent cheaper than dealing directly with manufacturers.

Robert Dalessandro

Digital360 have used Copysonic for over 3 years and they have provided great service. Our previous supplier (a major manufacturer) took days to attend to a service call which kept us offline and was very frustrating. Copysonic have been excellent and we will continue to use them in the future for our needs.

Glen Allpress


Do all new A3 photocopiers come with a warranty?

All A3 photocopiers come with a 12-month warranty. Warranties can be extended up to five years with a service agreement that also covers the cost of parts, labour, and toner refills.

Can you provide a flexible payment plan for my new A3 photocopier?

We can offer several payment options to accommodate your office's budget. In-house finance and rental options are just some of the options available.

Which A3 photocopier brands do you sell?

Our current stock of A3 photocopiers consists of Brother, OKI, and Ricoh. We're always updating our range of A3 photocopiers, so it's always best to contact us directly and find out if any new models are available.

Do you sell photocopiers that can print on A3 and A4 sized paper?

Our entire range of A3 photocopiers can print and scan A4 sized documents. We always take factors like this into consideration when we suggest which printer models will best suit your business.

Can your A3 photocopiers connect to wireless networks?

Our entire range of A3 photocopiers have wireless network compatibility. During installation, our technicians will ensure your new photocopier is connected to your office's network.

Still have questions about A3 copiers?

We'll answer any questions you have about A3 photocopiers.

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