Photocopier and Printer Lease in Melbourne


You can afford a new photocopier or printer

Think you can’t afford a new photocopier or printer for the office? Think again. Our printer and photocopier lease options allow you to install a new system without having to pay any large upfront purchase costs.

By choosing photocopier or printer lease in Melbourne, you can enjoy all the benefits of a new system, while making manageable monthly repayments. It’s easy, affordable and in most cases the interest and depreciation is tax deductible.

On a really tight budget? All of our refurbished machines are available for lease, all at discounted prices.

With a printer or photocopier lease you can get the latest machines with the latest features. Or a reliable and low-cost used model. Both, without the outlay of capital required to purchase a machine outright.

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Printer hire and photocopier rent options available too

An alternative to a photocopier or printer lease in Melbourne is to choose printer or photocopier hire.

Like a photocopier lease, you get a new machine installed without the upfront costs. The difference with photocopier hire is that at the end of the contract term, you return the system rather than owning it.

Printer and photocopier hire can be a cheaper alternative and rental costs are often 100% tax deductible.

Another benefit of printer and photocopier rent is that because you’re renting the machine, upgrading your system is easy. If your needs change and you require a newer, bigger or more feature-rich system, simply call us. We’ll help you arrange the upgrade. In this way, you can always keep up with the latest technology.

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Why choose Copysonic

At Copysonic, we are Melbourne’s printing and copying specialists. Whether for the latest new machines, quality refurbished models, renting or leasing, we can help with expert advice and friendly service.

Unlike some other companies that offer printer lease in Melbourne, we take you through the entire process from start to finish. Our contracts are written in plain English and are easy to understand. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, how much you’ll pay and when. There’s no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Plus, whether you choose photocopier lease, photocopier hire, photocopier rent. or to buy outright, you get the same 12 month warranty. As well as the option of an extended warranty. Whichever who opt for, you’re covered.

We also include all servicing and toner usage in both photocopier lease and photocopier hire contracts.

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